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ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet

ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet

 (1268 Reviews)

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ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet

ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet

 (1268 Reviews)
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Witness How the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet Changed our Satisfied Customers' Lives!


"I had the privilege of experiencing the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet as part of my endeavor to amplify my luck this year. To put its efficacy to the test, I ventured into a casino, and to my complete astonishment, I emerged victorious with an exceptional windfall. The synergistic combination of the potent Pi Xiu symbol and the captivating amethyst stones within this bracelet appeared to wield a profound influence over my fortunes. The bracelet's design radiates an aura of positivity and affluence, a factor that I believe significantly contributed to my remarkable triumph at the casino. My admiration for the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet knows no bounds, and I wholeheartedly endorse it to those who aspire to elevate their luck quotient and beckon abundance. This bracelet has proven itself as a conduit for positive energies, and its impact on my journey toward increased fortune has been nothing short of extraordinary." - Aveena Hernandez


"I was engulfed in a constant state of anxiety, burdened by concerns spanning work, family, and relationships. In my search for solace, I recently stumbled upon the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet, a discovery that I wholeheartedly embraced. Since adorning this bracelet, my experience has been nothing short of transformative, with its impact resonating deeply across my overall well-being. The weight of anxiety that once held me captive has significantly lightened, granting me the ability to navigate life's intricate challenges with a newfound sense of grace. What's particularly remarkable is the discernible shift in fortune that has accompanied the presence of this bracelet in my life. It's as if a wave of good luck has been trailing behind me, elevating my experiences. I'm genuinely appreciative for the positive transformation it has catalyzed within me, allowing me to confront circumstances with heightened tranquility and magnetizing more positive outcomes towards me. This bracelet has evolved into an indispensable companion on my journey towards cultivating equilibrium and embracing a life imbued with greater fortune!" - Kiara Somerhalder


"The ZENAURA™ Amethyst Bracelet came to my rescue just when financial turmoil seemed inevitable. With a leap of faith, I bought my last pocket money a lottery ticket, all the while wearing this exceptional bracelet. When it was time to announce the winner, I was left utterly surprised – I emerged as the victor, clinching a significant prize that effectively pulled me from the brink of bankruptcy. This bracelet stands as my personal emblem of good fortune, rejuvenating my financial predicament and presenting me with an entirely fresh start in life." - Carlos Chavez



Pi Xiu Dragon: The Powerful Feng Shui Symbol of Wealth

The Pi Xiu, referred to as Pi Yao as well, is a talismanic emblem (depicting a small golden dog-like figure) that has held a longstanding belief in ancient Chinese culture as a harbinger of prosperity for both households and workplaces – the tangible form of good luck. Beyond this, it's also thought to possess the ability to safeguard and retain wealth within the workplace. Although it has garnered special favor among entrepreneurs and risk-takers, its influence is believed to extend far beyond mere luck and affluence.

What does Pi Yao Symbolizes?

The Pi Yao has been cherished by the Chinese populace across all strata of society, from prominent officials to the working class. This creature symbolizes protection and safety, transcending societal divisions. The appeal of the Pi Yao lies in its unique trait of not having an anus; it solely takes in and consumes without expelling. This characteristic signifies that the Pi Yao can amass abundant blessings and wealth luck, directing it into your residence or workplace, where it remains ingrained, ensuring that none of the favorable energy departs from your premises.


Discover Your Fate with ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet

Throughout history, the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet has been held in high esteem as a revered charm endowed with extraordinary qualities that can unlock your latent potentials. This extraordinary bracelet masterfully combines the dragon emblem with the enchanting amethyst gemstone, culminating in a harmonious blend of energies that safeguards against negativity, attracts positive situations, and grants its wearer abundance and prosperity.

Enhance Your Prosperity & Well-being

The ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet functions as an energy catalyst, harmonizing its energy with that of the cosmos, thereby magnifying its impact on your financial abundance and physical well-being. The amethyst gemstone, renowned for its capacity to heighten intuition and spiritual consciousness, aids the wearer in delving into these realms and attaining profound understanding of their innermost thoughts and aspirations.


Protective & Calming Properties

In accordance with ancient Eastern principles, the ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet is endowed with protective characteristics designed to shield you from unfavorable energies and unfortunate events. Empirical investigations have unveiled an intriguing aspect of wearing this bracelet – it has the potential to stabilize brainwave patterns, promoting a sense of inner calm that draws in positive energies and encourages the emergence of favorable results.


Especially Designed for Luck

The combination of Amethyst stones and the Dragon talisman within this bracelet is purposefully crafted to ward off ill fortune, allure prosperity, and beckon good luck. Serving as a potent symbol of auspiciousness, affluence, and joy, this accessory ensures that its wearer remains blessed with these bountiful attributes. It is firmly believed that this bracelet endows its owner with abundance, favorable tidings, and protection against misfortunes.



The Amethyst Gemstone: Enlightening Intuition & Transcendent Spirituality

The amethyst in ZENAURA™ bracelet possesses an inherent symbolism that resonates with enlightenment of intuition and an elevated state of spirituality. This gemstone is revered not only for its captivating hue but also for the profound impact it is believed to have on one's inner self and spiritual journey.

Amethyst, with its striking purple hue, is often associated with qualities such as clarity of thought and enhanced intuition. When worn or held, it's thought to stimulate and heighten one's intuitive faculties, allowing for deeper insights and a heightened connection to one's inner wisdom. This quality can aid in making decisions that are aligned with one's true self and higher purpose.

ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet Benefits:

✔ Attracting wealth
✔ Enhancing luck and family fortune
✔ Providing protection and safety
✔ Warding off evil spirits and calamities
✔ Bringing good luck in gambling
✔ Safeguarding the house and warding off negative energies
✔ Beneficial for overall health



Material: Metal Alloy & Amethyst Stone
Size: 19cm
Weight: 39g
Gender: Unisex 
Package Includes:
ZENAURA™ Feng Shui Pi Xiu Amethyst Bracelet x 1



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