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DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice

DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice

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Hear what our happy customers Marcus Collins and Jamie Murray have to say about the DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice.

"Before I used DEEPNite, I had trouble sleeping because of my snoring. My wife woke up and complained that I was keeping her awake. Since I've been using the device, she has stopped complaining about my snoring and everyone in the house is sleeping well. Thanks to DeepNite! It really improve my sleeping quality!"

Marcus Collins, 39
New York, United States

"I've been snoring through the night for years. My wife is a light sleeper and I wake her up every night. We've tried everything: pillows, sleeping on your back, sprays, face masks - you name it! Nothing worked until I got the DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice!Now I can sleep peacefully without waking my wife and my son.

Jamie Murray
Ealing, United Kingdom

Why Do We Snore?

Snoring is a sound made by vibrations of the soft palate, uvula, and the back of the tongue during sleep. It is caused by the air passing through your nose and mouth during sleep. Snoring can be caused by a blocked or narrowed airway, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or excess tissue in the throat.

And the DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice is your life savior!

The DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice works by automatically detecting snoring through high-precision sensors and through different frequencies. Pulses of vibration are then sent through the device, massaging the sublingual nerve and jaw to tighten muscles and adjust breathing rhythm.

How does Micro-Pulse work for Anti-Snoring?

This natural uninvasive technology is the solution to all your snoring problems! Micro-Pulse is a form of physical therapy that uses micro-pulses of radio frequency energy to shrink excess tissue in the soft palate and tongue. This keeps the airways open and improves airflow.

Outstanding Benefits of DeepNITE Snoreless MicroDevice

  • Provides the most effective, seamless, and comfortable experience

  • No need to place anything in or on your nose! 

  • Uses state-of-the-art technology to measure your breathing pattern and identify when you are snoring

  • Eliminates snoring without having to go under the knife or take medication

  • Made of optimal material that is non-corroding and wear-resistant

Let's see how DEEPNite save Jennifer Sleeping Quality:


 "I have a deviated septum and so sometimes its hard to breathe full, deep breaths. This completely changed it. It stays on all night, and it opens my airways so i can get a really good sleep. Ive been told Im snoring way less and wake up way more rested than I used to. Thank you DEEPNite truly from my heart!"

Jennifer Smith
Melbourne, Australia


  • Simply place the device under your jaw and clip the cord to your ears. Adjust the fit according to your needs. Press the power button for three seconds to turn on the device. The device starts to work. It is recommended to wear the device for 2-3 weeks to achieve 95% snoring reduction.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 50mm x 20mm x 12mm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: USB charge

Safety and effectiveness

DeepNITE is patented, CE marked (passes European healthy and safety regulations) and is currently awaiting FDA approval. 

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